Germany: the country of many rules

First a hello from me. I'm Kevin and I'm always looking for interesting platforms where you can interact with other "like" people. I found Hashnode with a Twitter ad or recommendation and now try to write more regularly. I already have my own blog, but it doesn't motivate as much as community-driven platforms.

Back to the topic: Today I wrote with Sandeep and also explained why e.g. medium or similar platforms are difficult to use, especially in Germany.

There are many rules in Germany. So it is a duty to have an imprint on every page. In addition, you have to provide a detailed privacy statement, which states exactly what data is collected, why and why, for example with Google Analytics.

If one uses such tools from third hand, it is also necessary for the visitor to deactivate the things. Actually even with an optin. But almost nobody in Germany is able to do that yet and nothing will change for the time being, simply because things are decided by politicians and they themselves do not know how to solve them.

That's all I can think of at the moment. However, I am still at work and have my head full of other things.

What I will write here in the future: I write about my WordPress plugin, the questions I'm asked there and also share a few snippets about WordPress.

I use deepl to translate :)


What things have to be in an imprint:

  • Full name
  • Complete address
  • Contact details
  • Sources for pictures
  • EU Notice on Dispute Participation

German Imprint Generator for English Imprints

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